Our exclusive newsletter - August 2023

Our exclusive newsletter - August 2023

Hot August Quilting: new arrivals, exciting events, and inspiring projects!


Drumroll, please!

The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. During the quilt kit challenge, our wonderful customers had to guess which quilt we were working on to receive a fabulous 5% discount on a quilt kit purchase.

And now, the secret is out! The quilt in question was the stunning "Asteroids" quilt kit. A round of applause to everyone who guessed correctly and enjoyed the exclusive discount!

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🔥Stay Cool Indoors with Vintage Sampler Block of the Month: Beat the heat with our Vintage Sampler Block of the Month series. We're delighted to present Block 3 for you to explore and create. Show off your beautiful blocks, and let's keep this creative momentum going!
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For this who adore the Vintage Charm fabric line but may not be ready for the block of the month challenge, we have fantastic news! Explore our other patterns and quilt kits that perfectly complement this delightful fabric line. Discover Clarissa, Miss Emily, Log Cabin Star, and more beautiful patterns and kits, waiting to be brought to life by your creativity!
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Vintage Sampler Block of the Month: Block 3

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Welcoming Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild

We recently had the pleasure of introducing our online store to the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild in Boone, NC. It was an enriching experience, and we are thrilled to be part of their creative journey.

New Great Notions Available: Good news, quilters! We've restocked our store with new and exciting notions to make your quilting experience even more delightful. Check out our latest arrivals and enhance your quilting projects with these fantastic tools.

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We are thrilled to announce that on August 26th, 2023, we'll be taking part in the "Hoof to Heart" celebration and fundraising dinner at the Spirit of Hope Ranch in Rockwood, TN. This extraordinary event will also bring together local crafty individuals with their unique items for sale. Join us to support a great cause and celebrate the artistry of quilting in the heart of the community! We can't wait to see you there!


🏡Indoor Quilting Inspiration:

The summer heat may be scorching, but it's never too hot to quilt indoors. Show us what you're working on and share your quilting sanctuary with others. Your creativity can inspire fellow quilters to keep stitching all season long!

Get an Exclusive Sneak Peek: join us on the journey of a novice friend-quilter creating a beautiful quilt!


Remember, our passion for quilting binds us all together, no matter the distance. Share your stories, creations, and experiences with us on social media or via email. Your love for quilting motivates us to keep providing you with the best quilting supplies and inspiration!

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