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Magic Alphabet Numbers & Arrows Pins

Magic Alphabet Numbers & Arrows Pins

Magic Alphabet Numbers & Arrows Pins

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Comfort Grip, Heat Resistant, 97pc:6 pins each with letters A-E, 3 pins each with letters F-J, 2 pins each with letters K-N, 3 pins each with numbers 1-12, 4 pins each with arrow direction ➡️ 4 pins each with arrow direction⬅️. Magic Alphabet, Numbers and Arrow Pins™ are ideal to keep your quilting projects organized.. Taylor Seville Originals Notions make your sewing life easier.

These are strong and sharp pins which will assist you in your quilt layout. For example, The Alphabet pins are ideal for identifying the block letters. The number pins identify the rows. The combination of Numbers and Alphabet can be used to identify the position in the quilt and the Arrow pins are great for marking the direction of a particular row. The pins come in a dual sided travel case for easy storage.

  • Contains: 53 Alphabet Pins, 36 Numbered Pins, 8 Arrow Pins
  • Made of: Metal & Plastic
  • Size: 2in x 0.5mm
  • Use: Marking and Organization



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